The inspiration for ROSY came from a merging of my Pakistani background and a deep passion for travel, natural health, and social good. Here's my story.

In summer 2016, I discovered sweet apricot oil by chance as I was traveling through the Karakoram Mountains of Hunza Valley, Pakistan. I had been drawn to this particular region for more than a decade after learning it was home to some of the world’s longest glaciers, tallest mountains (including K2, the world's second highest mountain after Everest) and oldest living people on earth.

It happened to be that apricots (also known as khubani in Urdu, one of the most commonly spoken languages in Pakistan) were abundant in Hunza Valley during this time of year.


While typically consumed in a variety of ways as part of the local cuisine, I considered an alternative use for the oil that was extracted from this highly-prized stone fruit -- a skin moisturizer! The timing was perfect as I was in dire need of a suitable, all-natural replacement for the waning bottle of argan oil brought with me from the U.S.

After an internet search revealed the skin-rejuvenating properties of sweet apricot oil, I decided to purchase a bottle from a local farmer and began using it regularly on my face. 

Initially nervous about the oil's compatibility with my sensitive, acne-prone skin, I took a chance and was impressed with the results! There was no adjustment period, no breakouts, the oil absorbed quickly while providing moisture for hours, and overall made my skin glow and feel very smooth. 

​Given these benefits, I was excited to share my discovery with others back home in the U.S. But there was a problem -- this particular oil from Hunza Valley is cultivated in unique conditions unique properties that weren’t available in apricot oils outside of this remote region. 

Grown organically (EU Certified) at high-altitude, the variety of apricots found in this Northern Pakistan valley are fed with glacial waters and tended to by the hands of fair trade farmers producing a rich, golden, nutty-scented oil when cold-pressed from the apricot.


Not only was this oil beneficial for the skin with its dense phytonutrient profile, but it was also improving the livelihood of farmers and their communities.  


I realized the only way to have access to this high-quality natural moisturizer was to import it to the U.S. myself. I took a chance and shipped a large quantity of the oil, believing there had to be others like me who would also benefit from its use and want to support social good in Pakistan.


And so, ROSY was created; conscious skincare company committed to nourishing skin and nourishing lives, in Pakistan and around the world.



Jameela Ali, MPH

ROSY Founder + Owner

from the mountains to your skin