The inspiration for ROSY came from a merging of our founder's Pakistani background and her love for travel, natural health, and social good. Here's her story.

In summer 2016, Jameela discovered Khubani Oil by chance as she was traveling through the Karakoram Mountains of Hunza Valley, Pakistan. Dry air and a waning bottle of argan oil brought with her from the U.S., she was in dire need of a suitable, all-natural replacement.








My journey to ROSY began 12 years ago when I discovered the power of nutrition and its ability to heal inside and out. My skin wasn’t great, I felt fatigued often and was experiencing digestive issues. I was prescribed a variety of medicine to help but I felt a push to explore my Pakistani culture and learn more about age-old herbal remedies my relatives incorporated into their health regimen.

This sent me on a path of studying holistic nutrition and eventually attending school to learn more. My awareness elevated, I cut out the junk, began eating mostly plant-based meals and gradually switched to using all-natural products on my hair, skin and in my home.


To say I started feeling better is an understatement. My energy was moving like never before and I felt empowered to take care of all parts of myself. This led me to yoga, discovering the power of gratitude and prayer, exploring the earth on my own, finding peace in nature, helping those in need and creating meaningful connections that supported this new version of who I was becoming. 


When I wholeheartedly embraced this new and improved way of living, major shifts happened in my life that led me on adventures of self-discovery and . The most profound being my year abroad traveling by myself. It was June 2016 and I had reached a crossroads with my eight-year career in public health. I loved helping others but felt there was a better way to channel that passion. So I decided to leave my job, and my comfort zone for the unknown, trusting I would end up somewhere better. 

And that's exactly what happened. I worked alongside marginalized communities in Pakistan and Bangladesh to improve their lives, and found the impact of my efforts to be significant. I wanted to continue while also figuring out a way to work independently for myself. The idea of a social business had excited me for years but I wasn't clear on what that would look like. 


One month into my journey in Northern Pakistan, I discovered the benefits of sweet apricot oil on my skin and continued using it throughout my travels. Ten months later, I returned to Northern Pakistan and decided I would import  would create a social business selling this oil and channel some of my profits to help me continue my humanitarian work with women in Pakistan. 


Meet ROSY: a conscious skincare company committed to nourishing skin and nourishing lives, in Pakistan and around the world. 


from the mountains to your skin